It’s now been 105 years since the Union was fortunate enough to accept New Mexico as it’s 47th state. Remaining a total individual with its own character and identity, we’ll reflect on some of the past of New Mexico and why it’s become the major player that it is today.

The Manhattan Project is till one of the things that makes New Mexico so unique, and it was a massive thing back in the time of the second World War. Scientists competed to create the very first bomb of atomic nature (before North Korea was even in the picture!). It was tested in Mexico at the end of 1945 towards the end of the war, with the Manhattan project becoming one of the most memorable thing that New Mexico has been remembered by,

It was only a few years last in 1947 that aliens were supposedly seen in New Mexico, which made local and national newspaper headlines and made many people concerned about the possibility of other life sources around the world. There was supposedly parts of the spaceship scattered throughout New mexico which was then covered up by the government; who knows what to believe, right?

Of course, where would New Mexico be without the origins of the people here; the Native Americans! Still today, New Mexico has an extremely high population of Native Americans who run many businesses frequented throughout the city. Whilst it’s difficult for some other cultures to believe that tribes are still present, there are still at least 20+ tribes scattered throughout New Mexico.

Of course, where would New Mexico be without the population of celebrities who have been part of the rising of New Mexico? Perhaps most famously throughout history was Billy the Kid, but in more recent years actress Demi Moore has been the poster child of New Mexico.

Of course being the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe has played a massive part in all of the things that have occured throughout the history of the state. Being from the City has helped all of us develop as people, and we hate the way that certain other states tend to look down on us as people. This isn’t what we want, and we hate it!

Love, SFG4.


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