Demi is from New Mexico, which is why us at the Santa Fe Guitar 4 have followed her frequently throughout her career (she’s about the same age as us, too!). Here, we look at some of the Demi Moore short hair styles that she’s sported throughout history and see which ones she suits and which ones she doesn’t!   What took the world by storm with Demi’s short haircut was that it was in a major feature picture. She’d already had a lot of success in the past after starting on General Hospital in 1983, but she really broke through in 1990 when she starred opposite Patrick Swayze in the film Ghost. She inspired a trend of young women to[…]


It’s now been 105 years since the Union was fortunate enough to accept New Mexico as it’s 47th state. Remaining a total individual with its own character and identity, we’ll reflect on some of the past of New Mexico and why it’s become the major player that it is today. The Manhattan Project is till one of the things that makes New Mexico so unique, and it was a massive thing back in the time of the second World War. Scientists competed to create the very first bomb of atomic nature (before North Korea was even in the picture!). It was tested in Mexico at the end of 1945 towards the end of the war, with the Manhattan project becoming[…]

Although we love what we do, living on the road is not as easy as it seems. There are time where the Santa Fe Guitar Quartet will be on the road for several months at a time, and it isn’t easy. It was much easier when we were younger men, but as we have grown older and developed, it becomes more difficult. Leaving your family, friends and home becomes more and more difficult as each year passes. But we love it. Our old bones aren’t what they used to be. Sleeping in tour buses isn’t as attractive as it once was, that’s for sure. Sometimes, we can be driving for over 20 hours straight if we’re called up to make[…]