Demi is from New Mexico, which is why us at the Santa Fe Guitar 4 have followed her frequently throughout her career (she’s about the same age as us, too!). Here, we look at some of the Demi Moore short hair styles that she’s sported throughout history and see which ones she suits and which ones she doesn’t!


Demi in ‘Ghost’

What took the world by storm with Demi’s short haircut was that it was in a major feature picture. She’d already had a lot of success in the past after starting on General Hospital in 1983, but she really broke through in 1990 when she starred opposite Patrick Swayze in the film Ghost. She inspired a trend of young women to follow her short hair style; in fact, it’s still a haircut that’s common today. It’s most commonly seen with Courtney Cox, or Monica in the TV sitcom friends. She was clearly heavily inspired by Demi, and we can see why; she’s stunning!

Demi in GI Jane

Probably what most people are referring to when they think of Demi Moore with short hair is this image of her with a completely shaven head. This is in the 1997 blockbuster GI Jane, and although the reviews for the film weren’t as good as some expected, Demi was commended for her role as the protagonist. Again, this inspired many women around the globe to shave their hair completely, as Demi managed to pull it off so well!

Demi with long hair in a recent photo!

Although we love Demi with short hair, we must humbly admit that we think she looks amazing with longer hair, too. This recent image shows how well Demi has aged. Though we think she could still pull off the short hair look, there isn’t much call for it in the current Hollywood climate, which makes sense as recently being ‘feminine’ has become more popular once again.

No matter what she looks like, we love Demi and think she’s a gorgeous New Mexican babe!


Love, SFG4.

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