Although we love what we do, living on the road is not as easy as it seems. There are time where the Santa Fe Guitar Quartet will be on the road for several months at a time, and it isn’t easy. It was much easier when we were younger men, but as we have grown older and developed, it becomes more difficult. Leaving your family, friends and home becomes more and more difficult as each year passes. But we love it.

Our old bones aren’t what they used to be. Sleeping in tour buses isn’t as attractive as it once was, that’s for sure. Sometimes, we can be driving for over 20 hours straight if we’re called up to make a quick booking in Canada (why are Canadians so damn unorganized!). Though we’d never do it begrudgingly, we do wish that agents would prepare themselves for these things well in advance, sometimes it can’t be helped. Like recently, we were called to go to Toronto to replace another act who unfortunately was put out of action the day before his performance. We felt horrified for the gentleman, but hey.. it’s our job to fill in and give the best performance that we possibly can, right!?

So yes, there are times where it can become really, really draining on your mind and body, but we’ll get through it. We’re professionals after all, and that’s what we’re paid to do. For anyone looking to get into music, we can definitely say that it’s all been worthwhile.


But would we trade it for a real 9-5 job? Well, there have been times where we have thought about packing it in completely in all honesty. But, we’re glad to have pursued this and now, we’re featured all through New Mexico and other destinations through America and Canada too.


We wouldn’t change a thing.


Love, SFG4.

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